Tuesday, March 9, 2010

skytrex Again...^^

today is sunday
i did't sleep well because i wake up in the morning 6.45am
all is mr xiang calling me wake up in the morning..
tat all because we are going to jungle trakking
in shah alam taman pertanian...

we got 10 person in the group..
7boy 3pretty gal..
2 car in the road.. all driver is from cheras
very thank them come to klang fetch me..
muckz.. muckz... them so much...^^

it is still got alot photo... but i lazy to post it up here
pls do not angry me ...
i really lazy and busy tired now,..
my full body pain..
it is all because i long time no do sport
my body health is going now soon...
pls be young forever....

and i wish go again... because it is really fun..haha