Friday, September 26, 2008


when i back form langkawi already is 1 month,
but somethings i feel happen in my face is
the pimples is still on my face...

tat the y i cannot do anythings on it
i make Decision of it
i going to see 美容师~

this is the only the way i can do it of my face
no matter how the price it expensive...
somethings i know tat is.. my purse money is going to finish before end of this month

so sad happen tis problum every month every day
no matter how i save

see see how big the pimple is at my head here... ^^"
ugly drity and red red... it make me so sad

and this mask also let me painful...
bez.. tat pink colour things is like a sticker it can stick out all the blackhead

and the other things...
2 hour wash face prosess...
money gone.. pimple also 100% must gone tooo