Friday, May 7, 2010

friend club 8282

I was approached by friends who i was long time no meet, last Wednesday about this "Friends Club". He says something about helping people make 60K a month or shit like that. After he showed the logo of DCHL(The people in charge of Lampe Berger), i knew that something was wrong: It's another MLM scam. This person told me that they also have other Friends Club members in other colleges and unis wooing students and making lots of money, which is BS.

I knew it's gonna be BS. My brother was scammed by Score A. But this time they have gone too far!

Becareful of people from Friends Club in your college. If u were approached by a Friends Club member, do either the following:

1)Punch him in the face


2)Punch his balls


3)SHow them this thread:

so many ppl already know it is a tipu orang punya barang
and y still so many ppl get them tipu????

and they alwasy looking for young ppl..
who tat all study in collage, school after form 5
they will ask them to see their nice car...

6.45pm = this sucker invite me to go drift show at TER ..
8.00pm = arrive at TER.. wait for drift ticket cost me rm20.. so many ppl i tot bout 200+ ppl there.
9.00pm = their 'drift' started. so giler2 n gempak (konon). [terengganu market fresh lah. gaji rm2500 xcukup lah. kalo mak bapak kite sakit mcmmana. kawin. sportcar mcm2 lg] ..wat a pain in d ass sat for long hours..
12.00pm= 'drift' done. dunno who winner is.. plus i dont see tengku djan lee there..haha.. all the leader show off their baby z4, m5 etc
1.00am = arrived at another place (bistro batu burok) for second session. br bleh dinner this time.. so boring 'drift' but bistro receptionist is so hot.. damn my nose bleeding..
3.00am = back to my home
4.00am = at my home..
6.00am = cant sleep lol. i hate this 'drift' ppl.

this club totally scam, sick n gay dressing ppl.

friends club = scheme
dchl = their real company

3 things if u want fast rich in this world :
- sell women
- sell drug
- CHEAT PPL (f.r.i.e.n.d.s club and other eMLM n MLM offline)

before 1-2-4-8-16, then 1 will get money let's assume. So for example we go on until 64. 1-2-4-8-16-32-64, 7 out of 64 will earn money only. The other 57 wont get anything. And on it goes, no matter how big the pyramid is. 7 out of 64 is less than 11%. So in general only 11% will be earning money regardless of the scale.
let them CHEAT..pls do the matematic 1st